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A Crash Course in Tacoma Personal Trainer
 Isaac Ho’s Story

1989-2003 – Watching my brother eat enormous amounts of pizza and stay thin, while I eat a few pieces and tip the scale at 155lbs in the 5th grade is life’s first little way of telling me it isn’t going to be fair.
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Instead of playing outside or sports, I have piano and guitar lessons leading to a very musical, independently romantic but ultimately sedentary life. In middle school I learn that P.E. stands for “physical embarrassment.” By the end of seventh grade I’m tired of hiding all my extra love under my sweater, no matter the sun or rain, and decide taking some time working on “me” is a good idea.

Dedication to cardio and a new found awareness that I shouldn’t eat anything my parents try to feed me at Costco allows me to lose 15 pounds in a summer. I lose enough weight to where no one recognizes me when I return to school.

High school arrives and I realize being “skinny” isn’t enough. I get beat up by football players one day and decide I need to transfer schools.
Ballet at my new art school, with the splits on each leg for 15 minutes, proves to be unenjoyable. I swap the P.E. credit for Israeli hand-to-hand self-defense and discover I have a passion for smashin’!

2004-2005 – College starts at age 16 for me. My parents tell me computers should be my career, but I can tell my life is meant for something different. I study criminal law, network administration, English, anatomy and physiology while I train in Thai Boxing and Brazilian Jujitsu.

2006 – Mixed martial arts is now huge and watching too much television leads me to believe I can be the next Ultimate Fighter. I decide I want to train for my first fight, but I’m tragically weak as I can’t even do a single pull-up.

I decide to study personal training to learn the secrets to fitness. I also intern with in-home trainers and physical therapists and successfully pass the test to become a nationally accredited personal trainer. My training life takes off as my college GPA drops to 2.0 due to my lack of interest in computers.

2007 – Up, up and away…my first exotic international trip to Taiwan. I learn a lot about life and love and then return to the U.S. to work as a Health and Wellness Coach at the YMCA. I discover I love coaching people to fitness success but don’t love putting them on machines like hamsters on a wheel.
isaac taiwan

2008 – In order to live out my passion for helping others with fitness in the grandest form I can imagine, I take a job as a trainer at a commercial gym and find out it’s not as grand as I thought. Driving from Gig Harbor to Tacoma every day with a bridge toll and gas costs me more than I make training, but my first clients inspire me to continue so I stick with it. I win the “Most Promising Trainer” award for the region at a Personal Training Fundamentals course. Eventually my schedule for training clients gets too busy and I have to give up training in kickboxing.

2009 – My hard work pays off and I’m scouted out by another gym and quickly become recognized as the “go to” trainer for fat loss. I invest all of my money into education: going to seminars, buying books and DVDs to educate myself and my clients. I still feel something is missing from the “grand” version of what I want to offer my clients and realize I need to create my own facility and programs to bring what I envision to Tacoma. I take a break to visit Switzerland and Paris for a month and focus on how to bring my dreams to a reality.

isaac paris

2010 – I’m promoted to head trainer at a local commercial gym, which is hard for the other trainers to swallow because I am the youngest person working there. In order to continue my education, I attend two local colleges at once while also working and then driving an hour each way to intern and learn from a coach who trains Olympic swimmers. Working with this coach gives me the opportunity to visit California and watch the Olympic swim team that Michael Phelps trained with. I meet trainer Luka Hocevar and he teaches me a lot about life, training and mindset. Driving two hours a day to hang out with his team almost kills me and I discover my love of energy drinks.

2011 – The time to fly finally comes: I open my gym BeFit Tacoma and start changing the way training is done! BeFit is a success and I’m able to take the money I earn and travel around the world to meet the people I’ve admired for years. Using my new training secrets, I also put on 26 pounds of muscle.

I study with physical therapists and start helping my clients relieve their pain. I meet world-renowned trainer Martin Rooney and learn what a life “compass” is. I come up with what BeFit means to me:
Bringing, Education, Fitness and Intensity Together.

I have the opportunity to personally meet and learn from great minds like Mike Robertson, Nick Tumminello, Chad Waterbury, Rick Kaselj, Dr. Stuart McGill and Dr. Craig Liebenson to name a few.

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2012 – BeFit explodes and I remodel and double the size of the gym, finally transforming the studio the way that I imagined. I’m invited to Florida where I shoot for the World’s Fitness Elite TV show on NBC, ABC and FOX and write for America’s Premier Experts.

world fitness elite

2013 – I attend Cortiva Institute for massage therapy to become a licensed massage therapist. To add to my education, I also study multiple sorts of hands-on therapy including instrument-assisted tool massage and kinesio taping. I become a certified full-body Active Release therapist, take the Russian Kettlebell Challenge instructor course under Brett Jones, and complete the Neurosomatic Therapy course in Florida.

Isaac Therapy

Present – I’m living my life dream running BeFit Tacoma; traveling to learn from the best in the world and bringing it back to be the best Tacoma Personal Trainer and writing about training and pursuing your dream. Weekly I travel to Portland, Oregon for a mastery course on an advanced form of therapy that has allowed me to instantly reduce my clients’ pain. Sound too good to be true? That’s what I thought too, and that’s why I drive six hours a week to take a three-hour class.

My BeFit Tacoma team has drawn excellence from all around – including personal training instructors, life coaches and trainers who have personally lost more than 100 pounds themselves. We are proud to bring you the very best in health and fitness.


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