Tacoma Personal Trainer- Tight Sore Hamstrings From Milk In The Morning

This might seem like the weirdest title in a blog post you’ve ever seen but I’ve seen weirder. Can eating bad food make your hamstrings be sore and tight? Read on to find out how the seemingly unrelated relate. Yesterday,  I was treating a fellow who had some plantar fasciatis (pain on the bottom of […]

Tacoma Personal Trainer- Three Things I Learned From Emerald City Comiccon

I’m a big geek. Now not the biggest geek, but I can tell you that Dengar saved Bobba Fett from the Sarlaac pit about 4 weeks after he fell in Return of the Jedi.  Most people don’t know but the Han Solo series is one of the saddest stories EVER! I highly recommend you read it. […]

Tacoma Personal Trainer- You Cast A Spell On Yourself

Near or far, I always hope you’re well. This I guess is the closest thought I’ll have to a “Happy Fourth Year Anniversary to BeFit”. Life was so much simpler when I was only doing personal training. I was able to write more, spend more time in the gym, get pumped up about lifting heavy […]

Tacoma Personal Trainer- The Magic Of Humble Sauce

Well here I am at another therapy seminar, surely you would think I would be some kind of expert on these things but just as I think I know a little, I realize…I sure don’t. Only the foolish think they know it all. Maybe you’ve experienced this yourself, I can’t tell you how many first […]

Tacoma Personal Trainer- Why Eating Clean Had Disappointing Results

I’ve been training for nine years now and when it comes to nutrition I’ve heard a lot of things. The first training certification I ever had- split carbs, proteins and fats depending on goals with carbs usually being over 50 percent of total intake. The first over highly acclaimed nutrition program I invested in– healthy food […]

Tacoma Personal Trainer- Drinking Beer is my Goal

DRINKING BEER MOTIVATES ME…I THINK Starting off as a younger personal trainer I followed as many coaches as I could. One of them was Michael Boyle, one of the nicest AND somewhat blunt people you’ll ever meet. I’ll always remember being at his Functional Strength Coach Seminar and he said, ” You gotta have goals, […]

Tacoma Personal Trainer- I Can Curl That Candy Bar

Being a Tacoma Personal Trainer now for coming on nine years there’s something I realized. Experience in the trenches combined with experience learning from outside of fitness are necessary to become a master of this art. You can’t be a world class technician in an industry where you work with people without understanding people. One […]

Tacoma Personal Trainer- Falling Out of Love

The Universe is passing us by, can it be possible aren’t we of it? It seems like I just got the Iphone5s and now the 6 is almost here. With information so rapidly at our fingertips sometimes I wonder… How will we ever hear anything but what others want us to? Billboards, social media, even […]

Tacoma Personal Trainer- Three Things Concerts Teach You About Fitness

Summer of 2014 has been an amazing summer for me! I love the sun, I love taking walks around Chambers Bay and I LOVE Summer concerts! This summer I was fortunate enough to attend Gavin Degraw with my girlfriend at Marymour Park (which if you haven’t been is absolutely beautiful) and a few weeks ago […]

Tacoma Personal Trainer- I’m Thankful For Today

I’m thankful for abundant blessing. Once at church I remember the Pastor saying that God promises us not just blessings but ABUDUANT blessings. Abundant meaning more than enough, not just scraping by but having all you need and more. In every aspect of my life I have more than enough. The gym has enough barbells, […]

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