Tacoma Personal Trainer- Three Training For Warrior Secrets

It seems like Summer just flew by! I know we had a tons of great new excited BeFit Tacoma family members start at the gym this Summer and we also had a lot of members who took some vacation time off, got into the gym maybe once or twice a week and let things like […]

Tacoma Personal Trainer- You Make The Best Soup

I can’t lie, I love Pho soup. This wasn’t always the case though, when I was a teenager hamburgers always sounded like a better idea, fact is I was in a hurry to eat and soup just took too long to cool. After being maybe kinda sort of beat up in high school I started […]

Tacoma Personal Trainer- The Sneaker Rich Effect

” If I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it a thousand times….” At BeFit Tacoma we have our Tacoma Personal Trainers give a coaching lesson each day, usually that coaching lesson is the hardest part of being a trainer at BeFit. To be a great COACH you have to do more than just give exercises, […]

Until You Can Afford A Tacoma Personal Trainer.

“I feel like a complete failure. I knew I couldn’t lose weight on my own. But budget is tight. Good news is that my house should close by aug 1st and then I’ll have some money freed up. Can you help me? I’m at 230 and hating it. I know all the awesome things you’ve […]

Tacoma Personal Trainer- Three Ways You’re Tricking Yourself

At my gym a lot of clients joke that I’ll walk around saying, “As Isaac would say..that’s NOT effective“. It’s not that I’m a Nazi for being the most practical person in the world but if I can find a better way to do something it doesn’t make sense to me to do it the […]

Tacoma Personal Trainer- THE STRONGEST THING YOU OWN

It’s FRIDAY!  So I’m making this blog post short, sweet and to the point for you so you can have a STRONG weekend. A few weeks ago I took a vacation to Cabo with my girlfriend, I tried to take a real vacation where you unplug. The kind of vacation where you could be working but […]

Tacoma Personal Trainer- The Cure to Procrastination

Slept in again? Spent the weekend partying instead of bringing yourself closer to your goals? Told yourself you would go to the gym in the morning, then after work and then tomorrow? Maybe you told yourself that this year you’d start paying off some of your debts.   Like it or not you have the […]

Tacoma Personal Trainer- Quick Lean In

Hey Happy Sunday! Lean in really fast here for a second. I hope you had a fantastic Mothers day! I loved spending time with my Mom. She’s very anti social media though so won’t let me post our dinner or brunch pictures. Wanted to talk to you really quick about “AWARENESS“. I find myself driving […]

Tacoma Personal Trainer- DO THIS NOW BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE

In the hustling bustling world of today we are ASSAULTED with information. TV has adds, text messages are always going off, the google searches have adds, Facebook has way too much information…and even Facebook has adds. All the information that we are constantly processing and reacting to makes it almost impossible for us to do […]

I’m Isaac Ho And I Believe In Fitness

Hi I’m Tacoma Personal Trainer and Therapist Isaac Ho and I believe in Fitness…. This is my newly redone site where I’m going to be writing about everything that interests me. To make it simple so you can know who I am here’s 15 things I believe about fitness. 1. I Believe Fitness Is Work, […]

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