Working with Isaac is NOT for everyone.

He truly believes in specializing and only bringing the best to the health and fitness industry. Because of his results and specialization, he is proud to be the highest ranked Tacoma personal trainer and Tacoma boot camp. His facility has more than four times the number of five star Google reviews than any other gym or trainer in the area, and since he would like to keep it that way, he only takes clients that are a perfect fit for what he loves to do.

Please read below before applying for a program.

WARNING: Isaac takes pride in being the best at helping people achieve success in the following categories:

  • Female fat loss
  • Lean muscle gain and toning
  • Working around old injuries and nagging pains
  • People who have tried physical therapy or chiropractic with no lasting results
  • Self improvement
  • Self-esteem growth
  • Life skills
  • Real-world strength gains
  • A longer, happier and fuller life
  • Understanding your body
  • Having fun with exercise and understanding its role in your life
  • Realistic nutrition changes
  • Pain-free training
  • Accountability to meet your goals

He does NOT provide or specialize in the following:

  • Muscle gains over 30 pounds
  • Bodybuilding
  • Vomiting during a training session
  • A “hardcore” atmosphere
  • Olympic lifting
  • Yo-yo dieting
  • Unhealthy rapid loss and regain of weight
  • A hardcore “sweat box” environment
  • Jumps onto boxes
  • Gymnastic movements
  • Being limited to only one piece of equipment for training
  • A six meals a day, chicken breast, protein shake lifestyle diet
  • Wishing you were someone else instead of you
  • Not loving puppies

OK…now that we’re clear

Let’s explain how our programs work.

Isaac is the head coach at BeFit Tacoma and writes all the programs. All potential clients fill out a lifestyle measurement form and then get on a coaching call with a BeFit Tacoma Coach to be placed into the best program for them.

Part of our amazing reputation is being able to speak with clients, get to know them and place them in the programs thatc get them to their goals as safely and effectively as possible. As a result, we don’t have a time listing of our group personal training sessions or boot camps because not everyone qualifies for every program.

We will only place you in a program we know you will succeed in and love.
We can’t tell you how many times clients have thanked us for that and we are sure you will too.


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