It’s hard to give up your old life sometimes isn’t it? This last week I’ve had some struggles and conversations with someone I care about;we talked about loss. The feeling of loss is always present. Before you invest into something you want to know that there is value, and you won’t lose anything. It’s never about the price but the value. I tell my Tacoma fitness training clients, “If I said, give me thousand dollars tomorrow and a year from now I’ll give you a thousand dollars, you’d probably say no. But if I said, give me a thousand dollars tomorrow and the next day I will give you two thousand dollars, you’d probably find a way to get a thousand dollars to me pretty fast.” It has nothing to do with the price but the sense of loss and gain.

I remember when I was a young boy and overweight. My whole life and leisure time revolved around playing video games. The summer I decided to start exercising and caring about my own health and nutrition was the summer I stopped playing video games. Today, I was playing piano and came across an old piano piece called “Waltz for the Moon” from the old Playstation one game “Final Fantasy Eight”.

I never played games primarily because they were fun. In fact, endless hours of leveling up and developing my character,”level grinding,” was an exercise in patience: tedious, monotonous, no fun, and a quite honestly a waste of time. However, real gamers didn’t like to cheat because the accomplishment of saying “I made this happen. I invested the time. I did the work,” was a badge of honor even in a video game;like being born with money compared to working for it. For all your hard work, a good game would reward you with a story that would touch your heart and you would feel connected and care about the character you spent so many hours of your life helping build. That’s what I loved about video games. Work ethic development in disguise?Quite possibly.

Well now, I’m grown up (a man boy anyway), and I level up myself. Skill development – lately I’ve been playing with rings. I’ve trained in kick boxing and Olympic lifting. I always refine current techniques, and this week I forced myself to struggle with the glute ham raise. Talk about rough.

No matter what my own personal fitness level is, I know there is always room for improvement. I tell my Tacoma fitness training clients, “You are your best investment.” In life we need to level up. The first step to leveling up is to realize that you’re going to have to give something up in order to gain something. If you want to have a flat stomach, you’re going to have to give up some foods that you’re accustomed to eating, and you may have to stop hanging out with your beer drinking friends (yes, we all have them). Birds of a feather flock together, and if you want different feathers you have to find different birds to flock with; those birds probably eat different things too!

Life is a bit like a punch card;you work on something and you get a little stamp that lets you know that in nine more stamps it’s time for a free one! That’s what I call the “level up.” It gives you a goal to work towards. Now the goal isn’t to get ten stamps, get a free one, and never come back to eat frozen yogurt anymore. We want to be a lifelong customer of low fat frozen yogurt, but it’s nice to have immediate goals. When you start any Tacoma fitness training program you need to have short term goals (the punch card) and long term goals (try every flavor of frozen yogurt until you know every flavor blindfolded). Often times I hear people say, “I want to make this a long term part of my life.” I understand that! I absolutely want it to be part of your life too, but you have to create short term goals as well. For example, running a marathon in two weeks is probably going to get you pretty serious about your nutrition for a bit. If you haven’t figured out yet, it’s harder to run when you have extra weight on you.  A friend of mine has a gym about an hour away, and one of my clients saw someone who said they had been training there for almost two years. She had completely transformed her body, but what most people don’t realize is she did several body transformation contests and consistently trained. She used the accelerated goal setting to end up where she is today. Sometimes to become a life-long yogurt customer you gotta fill out some punch cards.

You’re going to have to give up some things to get something better in life. I gave up playing video games, and I have never looked back or regretted it. When you eat enough healthy food, the old fast food you used to eat doesn’t even appeal to you. Once you’re started you need to begin leveling up. Get from one level to another to reach the high level. Nothing comes about overnight, but when you set a goal for yourself that’s short term, it accelerates the process to get you to the end goal. I tell all my Tacoma fitness training clients, “The best thing you can give yourself is a goal.” The worst thing you can give yourself is a generic idea of what you want.

BeFit and BeAlwaysLevelingUp


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