Starting off as a younger personal trainer I followed as many coaches as I could. One of them was Michael Boyle, one of the nicest AND somewhat blunt people you’ll ever meet. I’ll always remember being at his Functional Strength Coach Seminar and he said, ” You gotta have goals, I’m over 50 I just wanna drink beer so that’s why I work out“.

Once again. You gotta have goals.

Not surprisingly, in my going on nine years of training I’ve heard that line one or two times from my clients.

Drink Beer” that’s my “WHY”, that’s why I workout.

Goals..yes…how fascinating…boring

The confusion there is that drinking the beer is the reason why you have to work out, the truth is it’s the reason you have to work out more.

See, you might say, eating this food or drinking this beer is why I need to workout, in reality it’s the poison that damages your health  something that you think you can’t give up so you have to add extra exercise to keep you “healthy” or “not fat“. But the actual activity is not the goal, it’s the poison that takes you the opposite way of where you want to be.

You Could Eat Like This All The Time? What Would It Cost You?

Let’s say YOU decided to STOP working out COMPLETELY. You could drink as much beer as you wanted, no ones making you work out, so why are you?

It’s because if your health declined you would lose something.

Setting a good example for your child?

Losing your health would cost you more than just your health. Setting a good example for your child, a long life to see your grandchildren.

It could be a long relationship with your kids, it could be the ability to fit into your clothes or it could even be feeling attractive to your spouse; maybe it’s the ability to do your job at the level you need to.

These become the real reason WHY you do something, beer is just one of the things that is stopping you from being there easier but it’s not your goal.


It seems every self help guru under the son has a goal setting process. You’ve heard of SMART goals, you’ve heard of SMARTER goals, you’ve probably even heard of goal walls.

Strangely, I find these things work but only for a while, it seems to be more about these things being only partial, I think that most of these goals fail because they don’t serve the whole human being who’s making these goals, they only serve one goal and one side.

A client of mine, Diane, lent me a book which I have been going through called ” Your Best Year Ever”,  a pretty promising and cheesy title but one thing I liked about it was having categories of goals.

Here are the categories along with some examples:

1. Business- Learn a new skill, find a mentor

2. Financial- Start a saving plan, donate money 

3. Physical- Reduce sugar and caffeine, start working out twice a week, new hairstyle 

4. Mental- More free time in weekly schedule, read inspirational books

5. Family- Date night on Fridays, develop friendships, attract people with similar goals

6. Spiritual- Volunteer at church, read books on spirituality

7. Lifestyle- Stop Smoking, take piano lessons, enhance living environment, sleep more

8. Relationship- Spend more time with best friends, spend one on one time with Children.

When I first saw this, I was OVERWHELMED, but I took it one step at a time, thinking, ” If I had control of every one of these how would I want them to look”

After a while, it wasn’t hard, I was actually designing my perfect life and day by filtering out what was important and what I THOUGHT was important.


Now this book says if you do these things you’ll have, “YOUR BEST YEAR EVER” which is not to be confused with ” MY PERFECT LIFE IS HERE NOW!”

Do you see the difference?

If you got even half of all your dreams this year could you really complain about your year knowing that next year you would get closer and closer?

Your Best Year Ever Is Possible!

This year I set some goals and met them all or mostly and I have had simply, ” MY BEST YEAR EVER” but…there where something I didn’t hit, because I simply lacked the discipline.


I encourage you to take time and fill out each of the eight categories above, but this final step is the most important, after filling each of these out, make sure you go through and number which ones are THE MOST IMPORTANT to you from one to ten. We can set many goals but that doesn’t mean they’re worth chasing or they’ll make us happier than others.

Having a best year is a great deal of being happy! If you don’t have the right goals in mind and laid out you’ll chase goals or things that conflict with each other that stop you from being happy.

What Makes YOU Happy?

Here’s an example I told my personal training clients:

I have a client who works out at 6:30 pm, he absolutely loves the workouts and loves BeFit but he gets so excited he has problems sleeping afterwards.  Lack of sleep effects his lifestyle goal but not working out more might effect his relationship and physical goal but if he knows his priority of which one is the most important he can find solutions around them.

Here’s an example, let’s say his fitness is where he wants it to be, his sleep is more important but he really misses hanging out with some of the members and the bonding experience. The members can go to a Seahawks game together on a day where he doesn’t have to be up early.

He Could Be Getting His Goals Fulfilled Through Something Else

Sometimes Fitness is NOT the answer, but if you don’t plot it out you can never know!

If you need help clarifying your goals or changing the story you tell yourself you can email me at befittacoma@gmail.com and I would love to help you out.




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