The Universe is passing us by, can it be possible aren’t we of it?

It seems like I just got the Iphone5s and now the 6 is almost here. With information so rapidly at our fingertips sometimes I wonder…

How will we ever hear anything but what others want us to?

Billboards, social media, even pop songs are full of lyrics designed to change the way you think. I believe the universe speaks, call it fate or focus. One of the universal rules of success is decide what you want and it will come to you.

If you mediate on it enough, it will form. Meditating becomes hard though when others are telling you on what to meditate on. Being in silence and focusing on what you want is probably the most powerful activity anyone could do but the one that no one is doing anymore.

It’s been interesting to observe a pattern in many people:

They chase what they desire with everything they have.

They are joyful at the acquisition.

They are appreciative in moments.

They become less frequent with their dedication.

They see reasons and blocks in the road on why this is no longer an option for them.

They feel guilt over not having the same amount of commitment they did before.

They pursue something else with the same fervency.

They forget of the love they once have, as only as memory.

You’ve seen this before haven’t you? In fitness? In a job? What is it?

It’s simple, listen….it’s called FALLING OUT OF LOVE.

We all fall out of love the same way, we listen to the voices that allow us to. It’s not that the thing we are chasing or the person we are choosing to love is always of undue value. We at one point obviously thought so, it’s just we are looking for value elsewhere as the shine fades.

I was reading a book called, ” The How of Happiness“. There is a test in there for happiness and depression. I assure you I was not in the depressed scoring range. In this book they actually state that 50 percent of your happiness is genetically determined by the way you perceive things, a max of 20 percent is the stuff you have, how nice someone is to you, but the biggest 30 percent you can control is actually conscious thought.

Just like happiness much of what you choose to love and when you choose to love it, creating the happiness about your situation, is up to you. It is so easy to fall out of love and it is so easy to tell yourself you will be happy when or if.

So why do we fall out of love? Alluding to the first fact that we have to consciously refocus on the positive in order to stay happy with our situation it’s more complex than that. See it’s not your fault.

Your brain actually makes you ungrateful. Weird huh? When you first get something new it’s amazing, it’s shiny, you can’t stop talking about it.

All of a sudden after a while your brain can’t be distracted by this so it starts to normalize your positive experience and interaction with this item, your brain is meant for survival and spending resources marveling at the great things in your life doesn’t always make for someone hungry for something else. That’s why your new car is amazing when you first get it but after a while it diminishes, and the more nice things you get the faster your brain becomes at shutting off the positive reaction you have to it.

For survival reasons your brain is making you fall out of love.

The question is whether it’s fitness, a relationship or just having gratitude how do we get back into love.

It’s the 30 percent you can control, your conscious thought process of appreciation. When I wear a hoodie I think of every little thing I like about it, the way the hood drapes, the cut, the color.

When I use a desk I think about little things, the appreciation for the sliding keyboard, the usefulness of corner desk, the stacking design.

I don’t meditate on the creaking of the desk, the scrapes and worn down parts of it, the holes or threads lose in the hoodie. I focus on what is good not what is bad and I fall back in love with it.

The Universe Speaks

The universe speaks if we listen, I am blessed with more than enough, most things I have I actually am not presented with the opportunity to wear, many times before I would give my excess clothes to friends. But something was telling me someone needed it more. An old co-worker of mine at a gym now works with foster children.

Usually this wouldn’t speak to me but my girlfriend let me borrow her netflix account and I was watching an episode of “ONCE UPON A TIME” with Hansel and Gretel, how in a modern day world two orphans going into the system would be forced to separate because it’s hard to find a family who will take two people. Their worst fear was being separated. I have a brother and a sister and couldn’t imagine growing up separated from them. The show spoke to me and then I saw on facebook that my old friend was now working with foster children and needed clothes particularly for teenagers.

A modern retelling of an old story always bring things into perspective.

I contacted her and I’ll be collecting clothes today and tomorrow at BeFit to donate.

Feel free to swing by and donate!

Remember, to fall back in love you have to appreciate and focus back on the the positive aspects. You have to realize that as times goes by you will interpret everything as less grand, refocus and find new grand things about them, and what I really wanted to let you know is spend some time focusing on what you want, taking time to be free of distractions, step away from your life enough to work ON it instead of IN it.

You might find that falling back in love with fitness or losing fifteen pounds is really one of the top things you would wish to happen all this year and many of the other things you’re doing are maybe more pixie dust then goals.





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