I’m thankful for abundant blessing. Once at church I remember the Pastor saying that God promises us not just blessings but ABUDUANT blessings. Abundant meaning more than enough, not just scraping by but having all you need and more. In every aspect of my life I have more than enough. The gym has enough barbells, I have enough time to do the things I love and manage my schedule to get the right amount of training others and the right amount of time of enjoying my life. If you know anything about me I have been collecting watches and clothes since I was 18 years old and that in itself is a sign of more than enough.

Mini Golf on a sunny day, more than enough…

In fact this week I will be giving some away to other young men who need some blessings in their lives.

My life was blessed when I decided to be excellent at something to pursue it to the best I could. I decided if I was going to be a trainer I had to be the best I could, making that decision at 18 was a blessing and now seven years later going on eight I have been blessed to learn training, therapy, business and leadership.

It’s an abundantly blessed life, I finished my first fantasy book in over nine years this last week that was almost 1,000 pages called “ The name of the wind”. I was inspired after being blessed to go to the EMP Exhibit on a Sunday after going to Teatro Zanzini with my beautiful girlfriend Natasha. I’m blessed to be with her (if you don’t know I have been chasing her for almost three years), Teatro has been one of the things I have wanted to experience with someone I love from the first moment I heard about it.

Natasha and I at Teatro

There was a time where her and I passed by that tent at night when we weren’t doing so well and I felt like that would be our last night together it was THAT bad. I never imagined us going there and a few weeks ago we did. Going to EMP has always been something I wanted to do as well and not only did we go but they had a Fantasy and Lego Exhibit! Two of my favorite things.

Afterwards we went to Kaisho, a new restaurant I have been wanting to try and we pretty much tried everything on the menu, I got the best parking spot ever which on Capital hill just doesn’t happen..right in front of the restaurant.

She got to try the chicken and waffles!

So many blessings there- great company, trying new things, the ability to be able to order abundant food and an amazing parking spot…I could write more and more on how blessed I am and the blessings of that day.

A Great Team To Hold The Program Up!

Every day is a blessing to me. Sometimes it’s hard for me to wake up at four am and go to work but I think how Blessed I am someone wants to get up and see me at five am to train!

This is my shoutout to the world! Thanks for my blessings today and everyday!  I’m off to have lunch with my Mom now! How Blessed Am I?!



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