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Hi! It’s your friendly Tacoma Personal Trainer and I wanted to talk about something that’s been on my mind for a while now; something  more important than talking about techniques or science. The topic is motivation. What’s the difference between motivation and inspiration?

Inspiration lasts a second — Motivation lasts a lifetime.

You probably have seen some dramatic examples of people serving in third world countries or some other charitable causes that stirred you, inspired you to take action, and encouraged you to make a donation, but it lasted for only an instance.  After a while you went on with your life. You didn’t pack your things and move away for the rest of you life, committed to fighting for that cause.  I remember the first time I watched the movie “Food Inc.” It shocked me! I told all my friends and family about it; I bought the DVD, and was so grossed out  I couldn’t think about eating corn fed beef again. It lasted for a whole two weeks. The inspiration faded away and I went back to my old ways.


You see, someone or something can INSPIRE you, but inspiration never lasts. It’s like a fire that has to be stoked and when there’s no one to feed it coal it grows cold and dies out. When it comes from deep inside you, your very purpose, your very reason for existing so much that you breathe it every second of your life, then that becomes your motivation.  Motivation is the renewable source of power that never extinguishes.

Tacoma Personal Trainer Talks a Fire Inside


Being a Tacoma personal trainer for over half a decade has developed in me a love of training science. I came into personal training thinking I was going to train mixed martial art competitors; for that caliber of athlete you have to be an intelligent trainer. You have to be able to make a strong athlete, manage their weigh-ins, build their endurance and explosiveness for their sport specifically, and prevent injuries. I’ve  learned all that, but I’ve only trained two combat athletes in my career. The more I looked around, the more I realized in myself, and the majority of trainers in the industry, that knowledge means the world to us.  We feel the more we know the more we can help our clients. Lately I had to take a step back and ask myself am all I about the science or am I all about the people?

Tacoma personal trainer car lossAfter training client after client, I can tell you as the Tacoma Personal Trainer who has the most before and after pictures ( I prefer to call them “before and now” pictures because are you ever done or finished? No, there’s always more improvement.) that it’s not about the knowledge. With the internet, science, magazines, and high speed forms of communication we have more knowledge than ever about nutrition and fitness, and yet obesity is at an all time high. How does that happen? That’s like saying you make more money now than ever but you’re in so much debt the bank is about to re-posses your house and our car. It makes no sense. The more I thought about it, the clearer it became. You don’t have an earning problem, you have a money management problem. As Americans we don’t have a knowledge problem; we have a priority and mindset problem.

Tacoma Personal Trainer and Failure

I’d like to say I’ve never failed a client, but that wouldn’t be true. See the biggest failure I ever made was taking a client and not teaching them how to think. I thought they would come in, work out with me, and be inspired to make changes in their life, but that only works for a small percentage of people.

A percentage of clients will thrive in any program with any trainer. Let’s use car sales for an example, since we’ve all bought a car before.

1. Person one – walks into a car dealership, and you could be the worse sales person in the world and not even remember their name, and they still buy a car from you. You don’t have to be even a mediocre sales person to make that sale.

2. Person two – will buy the car if you take a little bit of effort.  Perhaps you give them a bottle of water; you remember their name and show them you’re an honest person. Person two wants a car, but not as bad as person one.

3. Finally, person three – this person is just looking around.  You help them find the car they always wanted, but didn’t even have any idea they wanted! The moment you engage them, you help them fit their needs perfectly and tacoma personal trainer car sales they drive off happy, telling all their friends. Only the exceptional sales person could help that person find a car. This is kind of person most sales men would call “tire kickers,” and most personal trainers call these clients “lazy.”

So what kind of sales person does the best aspire to be? The One who can sell number three because if you can sell number three you can sell number one. How does this apply to training?

The Three Kinds of Clients

1. Client One – these clients will come in with any training program and succeed. They change the way they eat right away. They never miss a session, and they never complain. They have great genetics and strong mental discipline. These are the dream clients. Most elite athletes are like this. Think Tiger Woods.  He beat Bob Hope at a putting content at three years old! I can’t even remember knowing what golf was at three years old.

Tacoma personal trainer talks tiger woods

2. Client Two – these clients come in and waver in their drive.  Sometimes they aren’t that motivated. Other days they’re super motivated and work hard. They do what they’re supposed to outside of the gym about 50 percent of the time. These people are still easy to work with if you keep tabs on them because they’re tipped in the right direction.  Most trainers don’t make enough effort to help these people through the tipping point. If you have a solid program, accountability, and work with them diligently these clients see great success.

3. Client Three – the third type of clients is the one who KNOWS they need to exercise but has ZERO internal motivation. You may inspire them on one day, but within a few hours the inspiration is gone. These are the kind of clients who will defend the things they do outside of the gym with, “HEY I SHOWED UP TODAY!” or “I’M JUST HAPPY I DIDN’T STAY AT HOME.”

So what is the problem with this person? They lack motivation, but it’s because they lack standards!

Tacoma personal trainer standardsStandards are a funny thing. Everyone has their own level of standards; to a trainer it’s not enough to just come in. You have to do your program with enough energy to actually achieve a training affect.

When you leave the gym you have to have standards on how you’re going to live your life to see results.

There’s a big disconnect on what standards people have. You’ll never get anywhere with these kinds of clients and they won’t make lasting changes if they don’t CHANGE THEIR STANDARDS.

Standards aren’t just about exercise. Standards affect everything.

When I go to a restaurant I expected to be treated a certain way. Those are my standards. Now if I stop by a small stand in the middle of nowhere on a road trip to eat,  my standards for the food and service are much lower. The standards for a pro athlete are much higher than the standards for an amateur athlete. The third kind of client has such low standards you won’t be able to make them change their thought process unless you help them change their standards. Most trainers see a client like this and call them “lazy.” If you want to know why most trainers say, ” I just want to work with athletes” it’s because athletes come in with a higher standard and work ethic.  Most trainers get sick and tired of hearing clients complain about hard workouts, have them rarely show up, and then fuss about not getting to eat cheesecake. These are the trainers that only work with well with the first kind of client.

Tacoma Personal Trainer Red House and Yellow House

It’s time to take a good hard look at yourself. Which kind of client are you? Are you the kind who’s going to make all the changes yourself and really just needs the right exercises to get there the fastest? If that’s the case just find a trainer who knows the most about exercise and  nutrition and you’ll be fine. It’s like finding a car salesmen. Even if they don’t know anything about helping you, if they know the price and the details of the car you’ll walk out with the right car. Let’s be honest, any trainer should at least be incredible at their skill.

On the other hand, you may need more than just someone who gives you exercises. Maybe you lack the motivation. You’re not accountable to yourself all the time. You want to do well, but you know you fall short about the same amount of times you are successful. That’s OK. You just need to find a Tacoma Personal Trainer who is going to keep you accountable and make it a pleasant experience so you keep coming back.

Finally, you may be the last kind of client. What sales men call “tire kickers” and what personal trainers call “the lazy, whining client” (they don’t say it to your face). If you feel your trainer is thinking that, then you need to find a different trainer. That trainer is going to force you into a habit you’re never going to change because they’re not working on helping you reset your standards. They’re telling you it’s OK to have low standards but you have to perform at these standards.

I’m going to end this post with a story. Tacoma personal trainer red house

Once upon a time there was little neighborhood with white picket fences and perfectly green grass backyards. There was a red house and a yellow house and in each house lived a father with only one son As their boys grew up they started to get jobs. Both sons ended up getting a job at the local mall cleaning floors.  The fathers were excited their sons got a good, hard, honest job.  Their boys worked this job from the ages of eighteen until they turned twenty.

One day the dads sat down and decided that the job their sons had when they were eighteen shouldn’t be the same jobs they should work for the rest of their lives. As they were growing up, the boys needed more money and better things in life; nine dollars an hour was no longer a great thing for their sons.

Red house Dad lectured his son about where he was in life; he told him he had to stop hanging out with friends who wasted their time at the bowling alley, and that he needed to work harder at cleaning in order to get promoted to the janitorial manager. He told his son ” You need to work harder, you need to stop being so lazy, what’s wrong with you? You wanna live here forever with me in this Red house? Is that what you want?”

Yellow house Dad told his son that he deserved more out of life, told him that he was born for excellence, that he was the average of the five people he associated with, and that if he wanted more than what he had, he needed to focus on what he wanted and find a way to get it. He told his son he believed in him and helped him map out places he’d like to work and helped him schedule interviews. He told him, ” Son, where you are now was great for being eighteen, but now your standards need to change as you change and move on in life.”

The son from the Red House tried to do what his dad told him, but he hated cleaning and started showing up late for work. His dad would yell at him, and for a while he would show up on time, but then he would fall right back into showing up late.  Eventually he quit working at the mall. He sat at home until his dad kicked him out, and he moved in with some of the friends and played video games all day.

tacoma personal trainer yellow house The Yellow House son thought about what his dad said and realized he didn’t want to clean the mall for the rest of his life. He thought about the things he DID like to do and went to the interviews his dad helped him set up. He ended up getting an internship as a graphic artist and went on to create art models for animated films.

What was the difference between the two dads? Coaching.

Both dads wanted the same things for their son, but one coached his son and the other lectured him. They both cared for their sons and wanted to help them, but one focused on what his son wanted to do and the other focused on what he wanted his son to do.  In the end they both wanted the same things.

If you’re the third kind of person who has tried different trainers, programs, and diets and none of them have worked in the long term for you, then you need more than someone who can train you. You need someone who can coach you.

That was my biggest mistake when I started training. I lectured. I didn’t coach. My biggest mistake was not helping my clients change their standards.



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