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As a Tacoma personal trainer on my journey towards being one of the the best trainers in the world it’s been a work in progress. I started when I was 17 years old and it’s been quite the journey. I was telling one of my personal training clients yesterday when we were having lunch on the deck of Masa’s in Tacoma that I forget how much you know until you remember how little you used to know.

For instance, when I started learning about structural balance I was super confused. The idea you had to do more pulling than pushing to balance out someone who was, for example, a boxer, because they push all day training for their sport was super confusing to me. Than the realization that different hand positions and grips emphasized stress on different muscles left me dazed and confused!tacoma personal trainer talks about back muscles

Now days I don’t even think about it and when clients ask me what grip they should take I find I find myself scratching my head thinking…” Tt’s common sense..you know this….stop pretending! You’re so silly!”

tacoma personal trainer you're so silly


I realize maybe I was the one being silly. The things I’ve exposed to myself over the last six years have nicely settled in after hours and hours of listening to audio programs, going to seminars, watching DVD’s, reading books, discussing with other coaches, and hands on training. It wasn’t just one time someone told me and suddenly I was golden anymore than having one client who’s in great shape makes you a rockstar Tacoma personal trainer. You have to stack, stack, stack, stack, stack your results to be a reputable Tacoma personal trainer.

The same goes for anything you might do. For me I compare my life to running my Tacoma Personal Training Gym and BeFit Tacoma Boot Camp. Fitness is relatively easy for me now at least to maintain the level that I have. But running and managing the fitness business aspect is hard. Follow up on phone calls, scheduling new clients, follow up…etc…those are the hard things for me. I’d much rather study, write, train, rinse, and repeat! 

Tacoma personal trainer JB's Testimonial

One like these is great but doesn't necessarily make you a world class trainer yet

I was talking to some business owners and at a local morning business meeting they said “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

That quote was from Aristotle and is the truth with anything you do. My passion for fitness comes from the fact that fitness is not a stop and go endeavor. If you want to have fitness you have to be consistent. There are no short cuts, cheap sneaks, or quick effortless ways. It’s your body. Only you can take responsibility for it, move it yourself, put the food into your mouth, and actively make yourself healthier. There are many ways to do it but in the end YOU have to do it. Not the guy down the street for you or the kid you pay to mow your lawn for a quarter. You make you successful. But isn’t that what life is all about?

Tacoma Personal Trainer’s Success Steps

1. Everyday and all day.

One good deed doesn’t make you a good person. But many consistent ones do. One funny joke doesn’t make you a funny person. Tell tacoma personal trainer habitsa few funny jokes and people will know you as a funny person. If I want to have a great business I can’t be great sometimes and then average or sit around the other times. I have to be great ALL the time. Habits make or break us. I always say take the habits that have and look at what they’ve resulted in so far. If you like the results continue them but if not picture in ten years what those habits will result in. Analyze your habits.


One great boot camp workout is not going to get you incredible results. That’s why we don’t do a drop in class structure. Letting you come once in a blue moon when you feel like it is basically us telling you…we don’t care about your results! Just come in so we can get your money. As a Tacoma personal trainer how do I get amazing results with my personal training clients and BeFit Tacoma Boot Camp  clients? I don’t only design an effective system but I structure it around longevity for my clients and teach them how to build habits that last a life time.


 2. Surround Yourself with Success.

I repeatedly state ” You are the average of the five people you associate with”. Time and time it’s been proven. Whether it’s financial, relationship, health, or even happiness like attracts like. I don’t know many people who hang around with millionaires all the time and are dirt poor. All the people I associate with are healthy people and because of that I stay tacoma personal trainer talks about smokehealthy. If I have a friend who’s not healthy I push and work with him to make him healthier. On the same token I remember when I was training at a large commercial gym in Tacoma and all the trainers were working for the gym and barely making any money. I was buying things I didn’t need and complaining about the corporation all the time just like my fellow trainers. It didn’t take me long to realize I was doing this and I found new trainers to spend my time with. Trainers who spent a lot of time studying about training and were financially successful. Within a year I had opened my own gym. Saying association doesn’t matter is like saying you can stand in a room full of smoke and not smell smokey. Think about your kids. Do you want your kids hanging around the ” bad kids” in school? No. Then why do you think it’s a good idea to hang around the grown up ” bad kids”?

3. Find a big reason why.

In anything in life it’s not going to be easy. Nothing worthwhile is. To be successful you have to adopt success habits. Thinking about

tacoma personal trainer why

What is your why?

myself I can’t make myself get up every morning at seven am and work towards getting better and better. I don’t get up and think about myself, I get up and I think about my big vision for life and the people I’m going to help. If you have a big enough why you’ll figure out how. In the morning if I get up and think about checking email, getting back to phone calls, writing programs, and training clients so I can make money to go on vacation in Vegas I won’t budge out of my warm bed. I’ll slam snooze on my alarm clock and keep sleeping. But if I wake up and think about how I have a coaching call to help Megan with her nutrition so she can see the results she’s working so hard and she is going on vacation to Hawaii for the first time in 10 years, and wants to feel good about herself on the beach; somehow I find the ability to get out of bed. If you create and work for yourself you’ll always be limited. You have to find a big reason WHY! Most people can’t make themselves do what they need to because they can’t figure out their why.

If you have no why you really don’t have a reason to get up in the morning.

Tacoma Personal Trainer Wraps it up for you!

Success in fitness and life takes more than just one good day. Pick the right habits and be consistent. Put yourself in the right environment and figure out what your reason is for sticking with it instead of going back to eating donuts and watching TV all day after work. Something as little as the wrong friend can affect your sleep habits and contribute to you being overweight. Just look at the Men’s Health article here “Are Your Friends Making You Fat?”  They found in a ten year study that the more your sleep and social schedule conflict the more overweight you are likely to be. That’s just one single aspect of your life. I can tell you I’ve seen someone who was very healthy and fit change their association and go from working out and being healthy to hanging out with their new boy friend and girlfriend and soon become in the worse shape of their lives! Am I saying relationships are bad? No, but I’m saying association is important and will affect your habits and your success.

Do a check this weekend. Who are the top five people you associate with and how are their:

Relationships- their family, significant others, friends, and even their pets.

Financials- where they are in life compared to where they want to be, how focused are they on what they want and most importantly how much progress have they made lately?

Health- Nutrition, smoking, drinking, flossing, exercise, and even wearing a seatbelt.

Integrity- Honesty with people around them, how well do they forgive, do they steal a little here and there? Would you trust them to take your life savings in cash to a friend in another state?

Leave me a comment, give the facebook indicator a “like” click, share this article, but most importantly…TAKE ACTION and start your success!

This is your friendly Tacoma personal trainer signing out for the weekend!







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