Well here I am at another therapy seminar, surely you would think I would be some kind of expert on these things but just as I think I know a little, I realize…I sure don’t. Only the foolish think they know it all. Maybe you’ve experienced this yourself, I can’t tell you how many first time clients looking for a Personal Trainer have walked in only to tell me how much they know about exercise and fitness, though I applaud their enthusiasm most times I find it impossible to teach someone who knows it all. Having that experience working with personal training clients I go into every seminar with an open mind.

I can’t complain about the cold here for the seminar in Chicago considering I spent a week in Lahaina. :)

On an average I attend at least one educational events on top of my normal routine learning which puts me at 4-6 events per MONTH. Granted, the more events I go to the more I learn to look for the next thing to study that is going to take me to the next level. A few weeks ago I got to learn about digestion from some friends in California if you read my last blog post.

Funny thing is, it always comes from finding something I have NO idea what in the world I’m reading or hearing. I’m fascinated and want to learn it ALL. This year on top of  Fasical counter strain I’m tackling something completely different.

You’ve probably seen the original, while this one isn’t PC it’s more fun.

Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex (PDTR) if you haven’t heard of it’s probably because you haven’t heard of applied kinesiology OR the growing popular “Neuro Kinetic Therapy” (NKT) which is muscle testing on steroids essentially with their advanced courses looking at paired weakness’s and organ and other joints effecting muscles.

They have three levels in NKT and PDRT is akin to taking level four through ten. It assumes you already understand muscle testing and now you’re going to learn about how easy the body is to break and how to fix it. I can never figure out if trainers or clients read my blog, I write for myself so it doesn’t matter, but if you’ve seen some Z health in action you’ll realize that nerves can play a HUGE part in making someone stronger or weaker and INSTANTLY.

When I had PDTR done on me it blew my mind. The best therapies are the ones where it looks like NOTHING is happening. A PDTR treatment goes like this, “don’t let me push you down”..ok rub rub…swipe swipe* now try again, tap tap, snap. Boom you’re stronger, pain and tightness are gone.

There you’re fixed.


“WHAT THE!!!” is right!

It’s so weird I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it for myself and have it done to me. In the end I would try to explain it but it involves nuclear bags and chains and something’s called “tertiaries” and “virtual secondary’s”… bottom line you can see why I never answer the BeFit phone when people call.

PDTR is about realizing that nothing gets in trouble by itself, where there is one problem there are two, they also are the exact opposite problems these are primaries and secondary’s. The accomplice of the compensation pattern is called a “tertiary” Really you just need to know the primary and secondary as well as the faulty signal to reset the neuro system.

That’s the simplest I can explain it because it actually requires a hella lot of detective skills and knowing the rules and re checking against your muscle tests. Clicking the tendon at the end is the easiest part.

If you’ve followed me for a while you know I’ve spent the last year and a half madly studying fascial counter strain which is immensely powerful. But while counter strain is all about palpation, touch and manipulations as well as memorizing everything in the body PDTR is about rules, a memory bank that plays your mind against the person’s body you’re trying to reset. Things like “Nuclear Bag = Swipe”and “Nuclear Chain= Hit Three” are in my notes. No we aren’t playing dungeons and dragons….

This is the end of day one and I’m about to review all my notes and try to make some sense of them. This is trip one of five to Chicago for five three day modules to complete the “Basic” course.

Thanks for reading! Wish me luck as I study before I conk out!

PS. Hotel food could be worse but it’s not that good.

PPS. It’ll be -8 degrees when I fly out Sunday so wish me luck!



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