” If I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it a thousand times….”

Tacoma Personal Trainer
At BeFit Tacoma we have our Tacoma Personal Trainers give a coaching lesson each day, usually that coaching lesson is the hardest part of being a trainer at BeFit. To be a great COACH you have to do more than just give exercises, you have to give people a reasons to do the exercise and to do it the best that they can. I’m going to share with you our Wednesday Coaching Lesson, ” THE SNEAKER RICH EFFECT”.

Sneaker Rich……

This morning I had a client who just started up again text me and tell me she was so disappointed in her progress from where she had been before. She had been battling some health issues and was starting back in the gym. When you’re feeling down the best way to get back to it is with friends, people you know and trust who encourage you to get better and better.

During her last training session she performed below her expectations and felt defeated.


This weekend Coach Melissa and I traveled to North Carolina to the annual Training for Warrior Summit. If you don’t know what Training for Warriors (TFW) is please ask me. When I wear the shirts people ask me all the time.

THE TFW 2014 SUMMIT! Hard to pick me out…I’m in Sunglasses

In a nut shell, the joy a top fighter has when winning a match is the same joy I want to give each of my clients by helping them conquer things in their life, whether it’s the personal little demon voice that tells you to have that muffin or the voice that tells you to skip your training session and go eat ice cream, I want you to defeat them and put your hands up like a champion EVERY SINGLE DAY.

With over 100 affiliates from around the world, this weekend was an amazing experience to say the least.

Years ago I was part of “THE PACK” fitness business group, an event we had one of the speakers talked about being “Sneaker Rich” where you have a lot of sneakers but no actual money. It’s a pretty funny idea but you’d be surprised how many fitness professionals are like this.

Loads of cool fitness gear…no personal assets..

Not the ONLY culrpit..but…just sayin

This year the same presenter spoke about being Sneaker Rich but this is the first time I really HEARD it…..liked heard it heard it..where it went into my brain.

Maybe because I had just gotten some new Nikes and Lulu gear a few days before. I’m not poor by any means but I’m probably a bit richer in sneakers than I should be. :)

I really heard his words and I APPRECIATED THEM!

I felt gratitude inside like , “Thanks Steve for giving me a phrase to relate to when I’m buying more sneakers and sweats than I really need….SNEAKER RICH!”

Steve has probably said ” Sneaker Rich” more times than he can count but every time he says it I’m sure it resonates with someone and I’m sure someone doesn’t even HEAR it.

That’s part of what being a coach is though, waiting for the right time with the right lines so when someone is ready to hear it they can ABSORB and APPRECIATE what you have to say.

At BeFit in our group training sessions our clients learn to COACH each other to success.




If there’s something I want you to hear today it’s this:

Sometimes exercise doesn’t turn out like we imagined or like it to be. I can recall time after time where my performance was below where I thought it should be or someone showed up to my gym and shook their head thinking…” WOW I AM OUT OF SHAPE.”  after their first session.

They were disappointed in themselves, feeling down.





The only way you stay disappointed in yourself is if you STOP coming in and putting the work in.

Don’t forget, my one constant theme…EXERCISE IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!

Have fun, yes it’s important to get stronger and bring your weights up but have fun! Appreciate yourself!

Eat right, treat your body well, get the sleep you need and if your body can’t put forth what you expect that’s OK!

Have a “sneaker rich” moment and hear me when I say…


If you need help making fitness fun email me at befittacoma@gmail.com your top three fitness goals and we’ll get on a strategy session to make fitness fun for you again!



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