Summer of 2014 has been an amazing summer for me! I love the sun, I love taking walks around Chambers Bay and I LOVE Summer concerts!

This summer I was fortunate enough to attend Gavin Degraw with my girlfriend at Marymour Park (which if you haven’t been is absolutely beautiful) and a few weeks ago me and my best friend went to ED SHEERAN!

Here’s some pics and three things my summer concerts taught me about life and fitness.

Me and Natasha Boo


Matt Nathensen opened for Gavin Degraw, not everyone knows a lot of his songs but what I found he did was mix in some music from different genre’s. During one of his songs he mixed in ” FANCY” by Iggy Azalea.

Even though this song was totally off his genre he picked something catchy that people would recognize so they could sing along. Matt Nathensen did sing like he was a bit ” fancy” I have to say, compared to Ed Sheeran who mixed the lyrics “these ho’s aint loyal” into his song “DON’T. I felt like he did that more for himself as a stab to the girl that broke his heart than to get people to sing along because he only snuck it in a few times.  Complete expression of himself.


Even if you’re doing ” you” it’s OK to pull from other people who inspire you. In fact you can use things that aren’t yours to draw people to you. When I was at TFW my friend Luka Hocevar spoke about people coming in to fat loss gyms and asking about Zumba.

Now Zumba is fun but it just doesn’t have the same extreme demand as strength training, you can testify to this if you’ve ever done a “barbell complex”. But instead of telling someone they’re probably not working out hard enough and Zumba won’t give them what they want you can ask them, “what do you love about Zumba?”

” Great music and a positive atmosphere?”

” That sounds a lot like our boot camp program, I’m sure you would love it, let me tell you some more about it.”

Introduce people kindly to your brand of fitness.

As my friend Cara Jean Eckerman says, “PEACE LOVE AND BURPEES”.

Cara gave me a shirt to prove her point.

Cara gave me a shirt to prove her point.

2. The Like Attract The Like

Looking around at the people at each concert I noticed that no one was like me exactly, but I could see little bits and pieces of myself in them. Certain kinds of people where nowhere to be seen. It’s hard to spot a goth garbed individual at a Gavin Degraw concert. Different strokes for different folks.

The music industry is hard to break into, there’s image to worry about, there’s stiff competition and there’s finding an audience that feels your heart and voice. What amazed me about Ed Sheeran is that his look and demeanor are so nonchalant he’s pretty laid back.

One of his lines is, ” I’m a singer you never wanna see shirtless”. 

Pretty funny, but he knows who he is and who he isn’t,  despite wanting new fans he’s just him. That”s something I really admire about him.

When I first started in the fitness industry, I’ll be honest, I was afraid I wouldn’t fit in.

I never learned to ride a bike, played piano growing up, never made it to a single sporting event and have never bought an athletic tank top in my life, in fact last year the heat stroke drove me to start wearing tank tops and though I love them I would never spend 30 or 40 dollars on something with no sleeves…that’s just madness.

When I go to training conventions I don’t always feel like I fit in BUT I realized the people who come to BeFit are a lot like me! They’re more like me than the other trainers at the convention.

The people around us determine us so completely, we have a “Scrap That” next to BeFit and the people who go there are always parking in the handicap spots and slowly getting out of their cars. As a therapist I can usually tell when someone is moving in pain and sadly there’s a lot of people in that position that seem to be going to “Scrap That” nothing against them at all. Scrapping just seems to draw a different audience than us.

3. Somethings are Better In Person

When I was 21 I had a crush on an older girl who had lived an exciting life, part of it was bartending in Vegas where she got to attend several UFC fights.

At that time I was all about mixed martial arts and loved to watch it on TV. When she told me she had been there live in person I asked her how it was?

“It’s better on TV” she told me.

I always remember that…thinking something is going to be so good and then realizing you where better off not leaving your house and paying the money.

Well, I can tell you Ed Sheeran was not that. He was faster, more impressive, better in every way live and in person. The images on the background of his screens did a better job of fleshing out the songs than the music could do alone.

Some distance clients I have get programs or read the workouts and do them their selves, but rarely do I get a message about how great the program is. On the other hand when people come into the gym I always hear about how amazing the session or the program was. The in the flesh makes all the difference.

Leave your houses ladies and gentlemen! It’s worth the price of admission!

Enjoy the videos!






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