I’m a big geek. Now not the biggest geek, but I can tell you that Dengar saved Bobba Fett from the Sarlaac pit about 4 weeks after he fell in Return of the Jedi. 

Most people don’t know but the Han Solo series is one of the saddest stories EVER! I highly recommend you read it.

My Cup of Choice. The Boba Fett Mug my Girlfriend got me for Christmas.

My Cup of Choice. The Boba Fett Mug my Girlfriend got me for Christmas.

Growing up I spent a lot of time at the book stores, my parents would drop us off there and let the books be our baby sitters, this was a decade ago when you couldn’t throw a rock without hitting a Barnes and Nobles or Borders……now you have to be next to super nice Movie theater to find one.

Funny how that works…..

But a young bored man such as myself spent a lot of time reading comics and other less enlightening books and magazine. At the age of 17 when I started studying to be a trainer I had put almost of that aside to study training but I still hold the same Geek Spirit that only years and hours of reading will give you.

For Christmas my girlfriend got my brother and I tickets to Emerald City Comiccon and my brother and I got some quality bonding time there this weekend. Since my brother moved away to Portland for Optometry school and became the most eligible bachelor on Campus he’s been wanting to hang out with me less.

Hanging with my Brother!

The soon to be Dr.Ho on the right.

Walking around the EVENT that is Commiccon here are THREE LIFE LESSONS I LEARNED


Hanging out withe "Gender Bender". Futurama's real star. Drinking a Cayenne pepper drink to keep healthy.

Hanging out withe “Gender Bender”. Futurama’s real star. Drinking a Cayenne pepper drink to keep healthy.

I know the grammar is off above, but Yoda would say it like that. On the back of the Comiccon passes is a note that any harassment or comments will get you SWIFTLY kicked out of Commiccon. There’s a lot of people there putting a lot of self esteem out for what they’re passionate about and the event takes puts in HUGE effort to make sure everyone feels comfortable.

At BeFit we want everyone no matter where they’re starting to feel comfortable and be able to develop a passion for fitness without feeing like anyone is ever judging how they look.

That’s one reason I was tired of the commercial gyms, meat markets and showing off!


The vendor area is the MOST impressive part of Comiccon. I couldn’t believe how much stuff was for sale. I’m a pretty practical person I love clothes, training and electronics so a lot of the stuff didn’t appeal to me until……until I saw the Thor bobble head. Then I saw the amazing pieces of art and soon….I was bleeding greenback. I didn’t feel bad about it though! My favorite where the pieces of art that where sprayed on top of a metal piece. Classy and fancy.

Wonder Woman on the Cover of Rolling Stone. Brushed Metal....sooo...cool...

Wonder Woman on the Cover of Rolling Stone. Brushed Metal….sooo…cool…

Those could run 50 dollars each easily and the prints 20.

One amazing artist would have made so much money selling metal version of his work but because he’s from Canada he couldn’t bring it over. He also knew his customer base INCREDIBLY well, he knew that his art was amazing but he couldn’t sell anything but prints and so he made an incredible deal where after buying 2 prints they came to only ten dollars each and they where signed. One artist sold 9 pieces of art to make what the other did in 2 but the each knew their customers.

At BeFit I know I can’t please everyone and there are a lot of things I’d LIKE to do that I know in the end isn’t as important to most of my clients so I keep most of my programming vanilla simple.

Just like those vendors you gotta know your customers in life.

3. You gotta Take a Hit for your Passion

I saw some incredible costumes at Comiccon but man, I wouldn’t want to wear those all day long. I saw a big foot guy who finally took off his costume and he was COVERED IN SWEAT! There where groups of people standing around just so people could take pictures of them, their feet had to be killing them. To do that for no pay but for the passion of sharing what you love with people so they can take pictures is amazing. Those people wouldn’t stand there for themselves all day but they where doing it for the other fans!

This group was standing all day- literally 9 hours with masks on for people to take pictures.

This group was standing all day- literally 9 hours with masks on for people to take pictures.

So many times people say you gotta “Suffer for your Passion” and I hear others say, if it’s your passion it will never seem like work. Well some days it’s gonna seem like work, sometimes you’re NOT going to feel like working out but you have to remind yourself your vision. Your goals. The reason WHY you started. Not everyday you’re going to feel super strong and full of energy but doing your Passion for yourself and having someone else to appreciate and remind you of WHY you’re doing it will keep you going even when your feet get tired.

I hope you enjoyed the pics and something in this post spoke to you. If you have questions or need help from the Geek in the Grey just send an email to befittacoma@gmail.com.




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