It seems like Summer just flew by! I know we had a tons of great new excited BeFit Tacoma family members start at the gym this Summer and we also had a lot of members who took some vacation time off, got into the gym maybe once or twice a week and let things like camping, family trips or vacations take them away. I took some time off myself and I’m just realizing Summer is coming to a close and soon it will be time for me to start heading back to Portland for classes with my therapy instructor.

My summer was full of adventures though, I got to visit the main Training for Warriors gym in North Carolina and hang out with Martin and the TFW Familia!

Martin TFW 2014

I Do My Best To Look Tough, Doesn’t Always Work. Yes, I am choking myself with my own TFW Name Tag.

If you still haven’t figured out what the TFW program is about check it out here! Just click ” WATCH THE VIDEO”. Today I’m going to share with you three big take aways from the Training For Warriors Event in N. Carolina!


Martin and I years ago at TFW Level One In Arizona

When I first met Martin it was unreal, he talked to me, a Tacoma personal trainer who thought he had seen it all about being more and he did it with a jumping jack. I got that ache in my stomach, the one you get when you realize someone is right, you could have been doing more, you could be doing better, you’re setting yourself short for the potential you have. Martin didn’t have to bet the most knowledgeable trainer in the room, he could get the most out of me by being the best COACH.

Years later I had the opportunity to take the ” Training for Warriors” certification when it first came out and you know what I did?

I said..”NO.” I don’t train Warriors, I train people for fat loss, the lady who was booking the seminars told me that Martin had created a great system and it was for all my clients but I thought she was just trying to sell me on the seminar, I hesitated until I convinced my brother and other trainers to come, not because I thought they or I where going to get anything out of the seminar, I went because I wanted them to EXPERIENCE what it was like to have someone coach them. To make them more, the seminar changed my life and I have been repping the TFW FAMILIA ever since. Because I wanted everyone who came into my Tacoma gym to experience a life changing session, not just get a workout.

These Ladies Left Their Sessions BETTER!

In N.Carolina Martin summed it up best.

“Training for Warriors is Professional Development meets Physical Development. Bomb.Com.

2. Getting More Out Of People Is About the Hours After

Stuff comes up, I get it. Sometimes I don’t get all the workouts I want to or eat EXACTLY how I like to, but what trainers forget sometimes is that we only have 2-5 hours a week with our clients so the 164 hours they spend away from us is where the magic happens. If you come into the gym but don’t change the other 164 hours that you’re OUTSIDE of the gym then the transformation isn’t going to happen.

I catch myself defeating myself with thoughts. The same thoughts that I know you get.

It starts with a reason why I shouldn’t.

Traffic is bad today…

Moves to another reason

I’m really busy” and then finishes with exporting blame ” they don’t even care“.

I say this from my own experience because we all do this, I’ve made a point to try to recognize when I start going through this and try to CATCH myself.

On the first day of the summit Martin took us all outside and delivered one of his amazing coaching speeches about  ” INTO THE ROAR 164″.

The female lions are the hunters and the big ones lay in wait, when the female lions chase their prey towards the male lion the lazy male lion will ROAR and the deer will turn around into the claws of the female lion.

The prey that survive many attacks from lions hear the roar and RUN INTO IT. Because they know that though it seems safer to quit the road towards the roar is the ONLY WAY OUT.

TFW Into the Roar


3. Great Things Take Time

These Amazing Buildings Took Time

These Amazing Buildings Took Time

Martin said people come around to him and say, ” Man TFW is really taking off! What pushed it over the edge for you?” and they say it like everything just started yesterday, the truth is TFW started years ago when Martin first started pushing a bobsled on a chance in the middle of a paved road to qualify for the Olympics.

He hadn’t been training, but his friend made him get in the car and push the sled in front of hundreds of people in a street.

What you’re doing today could and probably will determine your future tomorrow! You might not know it but you could be in the perfect place at the perfect time right now or maybe if you’re going through something hard you need to let that discomfort drive you to take the next step to move on to a better part of your life.

Martin shared stats on the tallest buildings in the world and the amount of time these buildings took to build, the amount of resources, the people that died building them…

EMP Lego Buildling

What spoke to me was how deep the pillars went into the ground, the taller the building the deeper the pillars. All that work has to happen for months before the first floor is even constructed.

I visited the Experience Music Project (EMP) exhibit the last week when they had the Legos built to scale and the detail that goes into a Lego is amazing I can’t even imagine the FULL BUILDING. Legos where my favorite thing in the world growing up, one wrong brick though meant hours backtracking. I can’t imagine building these.

You could be in the right place right now working towards something that helps you out later or you could be getting that push that’s going to make you say, “ENOUGH!” and move towards that next chapter in your life where you go from sitting in class, to doing something that makes your heart sing and leading people around the world to unite for one great cause years and years later.

That’s what’s so exciting, you just never know until later with the right PERSPECTIVE.

photo 3

Your life matters.

You matter.

If you’re looking for some encouragement or would like to join the TFW Tacoma fitness family send me an email to 

You got this!



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