This might seem like the weirdest title in a blog post you’ve ever seen but I’ve seen weirder. Can eating bad food make your hamstrings be sore and tight? Read on to find out how the seemingly unrelated relate.

Yesterday,  I was treating a fellow who had some plantar fasciatis (pain on the bottom of the foot) from playing volleyball. He is the voice actor for Han Solo in video games, I just wanted to share this with you, though it’s totally unrelated to this post. As a total nerd it was way cool helping Han Solo walk pain free again. If you didn’t know you should have 10 to 15 degrees of big toe extension (ten is cutting it close) to walk correctly or you might have a hard time actually pulling your legs up when you walk instead of dragging them, so in addition to just  treating the bottom of his feet we worked on his facet joint capsule of his toes. This is part of the assessment process that should go along with treatment.

The before and after was incredible. Han was walking on cloud nine.

Now let’s get back to how milk shakes makes your hamstrings tight. If you didn’t know I’ve been on a bit of a digestive kick lately, which basically means I’ve been trying to see how taking things like Gluten, dairy, caffeine, etc out of my diet has been helping me.

With mixed results I might add, in a lot of ways I see improvements and in others I see a downfall in mood. Caffeine though related in Chinese meridians to anxiety and uneven moods definitely helps me get more excited about things though I can see a lot of the meridian side effects coming through during and after.

Dairy I have yet to see play any POSITIVE effect on anything in my life I don’t know anyone that truly does better after eating dairy. Gluten hit or miss but can say without doubt that cutting it out eliminated a lot of things I could eat and therefore made me by necessity lean down (almost everything has gluten in it).

A client comes in saying she doesn’t want to stop exercising but after working out every time her shoulders and hamstrings are incredibly sore. This sounds like a common complaint except EVERY TIME and they NEVER get better. She had massage and acupuncture done with limited results one workout instant upper back soreness and sore hamstrings, very discouraging.

I have my first session with her and upon doing my health intake find she broke her jaw in a roller blading accident. My cranial suture scan reveals issues on the left side and I find a left spun occiput and a lower left eye.  In all other systems everything on the left is horribly blocked form Lymphatics to Nerves. First session all I do is treat cranial sutures and her occiput spins back and eye levels.

Seems like a bit of a waste of time to the client, she comes in for shoulders and hamstring issues and I work on her skull but her shoulders are no longer sore following workouts. Who would have thought huh?

Client comes back in for the hamstring issues, during a training session I had previously assessed her length and could tell by stretch barrier and range of motion she does not have tight hamstrings in fact if anything she has abnormally LONG hamstrings that are weak. Her scan indicates a ton of problems in the neural system which I locate tender points for that are ticklish but not bad, after treating arterial and lymphatic points as well in her lower body I determine that I didn’t read the scan right as none of these points are killing her and none of the glides are changing too much of her assessment which is a rather shaky leg lift with pain at the top.

I scan her viscera (organ system) and find much upper body (save that for later for her raynauds along with anterior upper neural ) but a distressing amount of lower SI region points. Upon locating the points she jumps off the table. I treat points and find each one unlocks a different point of her leg raise, both shakiness and pain in different sections of the range diminish as different points are treated.

At this point the hour is up and I talk to her about her diet, she asks me what could be causing such an organ issue and the first thing I ask her is milk, she admits to having milk with her coffee every morning and previously having horrible pain following milk shakes (ice cream dairy and milk dairy)…bingo was his name O.

Dairy is an obvious organ irritant, I previously had issues with stomach pains following certain foods and now avoid them. A noticeable hardening of my abdominal wall from spasm was observed following the consumption of these foods. In this client her lymphatics of her organs scanned hot and she did not like any of the organ glides indicating her body was trying to drain waste out of the organs and was strained as a first measure of protection.

My suggestion, remove dairy for a three weeks minimum, return to me for more visceral treatment after and what is left will truly be there compared to treating it all but not addressing the irritant. Yes I could make a lot more money constantly treating every lymphatic organ point and viscera point but I’m trying to help people get out of pain effectively.

So there is how my assessment process is going these days, the facet joint capsule release work I ldid on Han Solo earned from ART though it is painful and you could do counter strain protocols for these as well. I start with counter strain, look for irritants and assess gait and will sometimes through some ART in. Sometimes I even use some classical massage but I don’t expect it to last. Example a client was having pain doing AB wheel rollouts to her opposite ankle, palpated from right lat and thoracic area to opposite lumbar spine and found a tight line of tissue, quickly wave frictioned both with fiber and cross fiber and pain went away.

Sorry there’s no pictures here today, just an update on what I’m doing and thought you should know Dairy probably is messing up your organs, and could be causing pain in your lower body but it will never go away without the irritant removed.



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