I see a lot of people talk about success. They say success isn’t money, it isn’t fame, it isn’t the car you drive or your celebrity status last name. Success, like many things in life, has parallels to exercise. You can’t talk about exercise success if you haven’t experienced it. Most people don’t go into their exercise or even life journey with the right mindset, inevitably they fail right away. In this blog post today I’m going to share with you the right mind set you need to succeed and explain to you the three reasons why most people fail.

Let’s Take A Drive

What is Success?

I’ve had the opportunity to grow up around success. Growing up in Seattle my dad had his own medical practice and I watched him leave early and come home late everyday to plop down on the couch and watch TV exhausted from a long day at the office. Though many considered him “successful”,  he wasn’t happy; he sold his practice and we moved to Gig Harbor only a few years later. That’s the first lesson I learned. No matter how invested you are in something if it doesn’t make you happy it’s not success.

I Love Seattle

Success is defined as the achievement of a goal. To look purely at a goal you can’t say there are BAD GOALS or GOOD GOALS as that’s implying morality. We can only say there are goals and there are a lack of goals. To be successful you have to have a goal to achieve. Waking up one day and thinking to yourself, ” Dang today I feel successful…” isn’t going to cut it. It takes having a vision to accomplish.

What’s your goal? Is it to have a beautiful family? To become one of the most sought out authorities in a topic? To make enough money to send your kids to college with no debt? To start ten orphanages in Africa? Whatever your goal is you can’t start the success process if you don’t have one.

 Some May Judge You by Your Goal But All Will Respect the Magnitude.

If your goal is to lose five pounds in three months that’s a goal but if your goal is to lose five pounds in one week that’s a much more intense goal. How about 100 pounds over the next year? That’s a big goal. One of the best ways to stay accountable to your goal is TO TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW ABOUT YOUR GOAL . When everyone knows your goal the universe has a way of helping you achieve it. I’m not a new age touchy feely kind of guy but as a trainer I realize we are all just hunks of meat, what really makes us special is the unique soul you and I have. Your soul is affecting the world around you from what you eat, how you sit, to the way your body looks, to the strength your body has, from the constant day in and day out habits your soul decided it was going to change the world around it. What your physical position is and place in life is a showcase of your soul showing the rest of the physical world what you’re about.

My Client Ashley Has Invested the Time to Show the World What She’s About and Everyone Can See It.

The biggest problem I see is people not putting high enough expectations of themselves. Look at you! There will never be another YOU! Every day the world gets one day closer to never having your soul walk across this planet and affect this world in an amazing way it could. You don’t think one soul is special? One soul created the lights you are using to read this right now and one soul is all it takes to save many lives or take many away. To settle with the idea that you should live in mediocrity, pain, and poverty is to sell yourself short. WAKE UP! You are better and therefore you can do better. But it ends here if you don’t believe it and give yourself a goal of no magnitude.

They Think Money is Evil

One of my favorite rappers/singers Drake said his goal was to make 25 million dollars by the age of 23 years old. I don’t care who you are that’s a big goal. Now I don’t think he sat around and thought I need to make this money or I’m a failure. He used the money as a measure of his success in the music industry. I don’t care who you are, try some way to make 25 million dollars at 23 years old. It’s not easy. That’s why I have a huge amount of respect for Drake.

Drake knows about success and disappointment

I post about success and his accomplishment and people are quick to say ” money, success, they’re probably not happy…etc”. If I said I’m going to make 25 million dollars to give to build orphanages nobody would probably say, “geeze that Isaac kid is probably not happy, what a worldy kid.” 

Do you see how that works? They equate money to materialism when it’s just a measure and a means of trade. As a server your tips are based on how much you help someone, as a musician your money is based on how many people enjoy your music, as a trainer I get paid on how much I help people. When you help people who you don’t even know their name in countries you’ve never been to before that’s when you make money that people can’t dream of. I don’t hurt for money so I don’t think about it but when I set goals I think…”Doing what I love how can I positively impact so many people that I’ve never even met before”. I know if I can do that I won’t have to worry about money.

My Dad always told me, ” the love of money is the root of all evil, not the money”. It’s when you can’t let go of the money or you have to do anything to make it. Trust me…Drake is not sitting around trying not to spend all his money. He’s going to spend it, make more music to share with people, and make more money. It’s when you have the SCARCITY mindset and can’t let go or worry about making it when you have problems being successful at making money.

It’s not only where you got it’s how you got there.

A lot of people think that you’ll lose friends with success. Truth is that your association is the most powerful determiner of who you will be. It’s shown over and over again. I tell my clients all the time Puff Daddy isn’t hanging out with the guy from seven eleven he’s hanging out with Prince Henry. I just saw the movie ” This is the end” with my brother, the whole plot revolves around celebrity actors and comedians all hanging out together surviving the end of the world.  No random non celebrities included.

I think this is the hardest part people have a problem with. They think that to be successful, to get rich, to climb a ladder, to reach a high level you have to step on people and cheat your way to the top. Your real friends, the ones you want to surround yourself with are the ones who will bring you to a higher level and you are able to help them get to the next level. That’s what good training partners are for, they help you get to a level you couldn’t get to by yourself.

A lot of people fall away from their goals, drop off, and get lost back into their old lives. It’s because they stopped spending time with people who inspire them.

Getting busier and busier I used to love working out in groups, hanging out with people, and running an open strength group. But now that I’m busy I can’t do that. I can’t spend time teaching people how to work out and coaching them if they can’t elevate my level. I always tell my clients who are parents ” Your kids needs you, they need you healthy, strong, and happy. They’ll forgive you for taking some time out to make sure you’re around for them later when they need you.”

This last weekend my Dad’s hurt his back. He couldn’t walk, sit, or even lay down without pain; my mom asked me to help him. I fixed my Dad and I tell you, it was a horrible feeling telling my Dad he needed to start taking care of himself and seeing him unable to get out of bed. I want my Dad to take some time and take care of himself so he can be there for my Mom and help other people at work. The biggest part about success is you can share success when you have success.

Let’s Wrap This Up So You Can Start

You were born with everything inside of you to become who you were meant to be. Life is about becoming that by bringing it out of you.

Success is what you set for yourself. This is your life, you’re amazing, don’t settle for less than you are capable of.

You don’t need to drop your friends or step on people to be successful if your values align with the people around you and you have common goals you will take them up with you.

Money isn’t evil and it doesn’t mean success. It’s just a measure of how many people you help.

Finally don’t get attached to the end result. I set goals for myself that took years to accomplish and when they were done I sat there by myself and asked myself….” now what Isaac…”

See I wish I had a coach who told me it’s not about the goal. It’s about the journey, it’s about never ending improvement, it’s about being true to yourself, the biggest largest bestest strongest you that down in your soul you know you can be.

You were born with everything you need to be that version of  yourself. Life is just about becoming it.



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