I’ve been training for nine years now and when it comes to nutrition I’ve heard a lot of things.

The first training certification I ever had- split carbs, proteins and fats depending on goals with carbs usually being over 50 percent of total intake.

If you haven’t figured this out it…this is total GARBAGE

The first over highly acclaimed nutrition program I invested in– healthy food is more important than calorie counting, the quality of the food is more important than how much you’re eating.

Everybody’s favorite…

Even timing of meals changed from program to program

Traditional Diets- Four to six small meals are best.

Renegade Nutrition- eat once a day or within a 6 hour window using intermittent fasting.

I can honestly say NONE of these are my biggest nutrition mistake, I’ve had many clients use all of these strategies and some lose weight better than others, some of the above strategies worked for some and some of these work for others, yes part of it is “hormonal balance” but what’s going on with their hormones?

Why aren’t they balanced?

Because the nutrition results where so unpredictable, I pretty much gave up on prescribing the nutrition program for my clients. Yes, I have heard of metabolic typing diets, Mediterranean diets, Paleo and all that jazz.

Eat like the caveman who lived to be 30.

I wrote down all these options, said you pick which one you want to use that works with your lifestyle and I’ll focus on helping you make it possible. Because as we know it’s more about compliance to a program than the exact perfection of the program.

And my personal training clients saw results and of course there’s the one in ten who no matter what they ate or how they ate it didn’t go anywhere on the scale. They saw doctors, got blood tests but no one could figure it out so I focused on the exercise and therapy, those where a lot more interesting to me because I could effect them….

Until this weekend.

I just threw this in because it’s about to get boring below…

Biochemistry and Delayed Healing

Steven, a therapist I’ve taken multiple classes with who is a raw food chef, introduced me to a trainer in the Malibu area who has been working with a Naturopathic doctor who specializes in digestion.

We where so busy we didn’t take pictures, but Steven snapped a walking selfie as I took them to the airport.

Steven had been going on and on about how I have to meet this guy and this stuff would totally change my view point on how I treat not only dysfunction but train people.

Naturally, this sounds BORING to me given that I prefer to study about exercise and therapy but we meet up and I looked at his manuals he brought with him.

The first thing that took me by surprise was one part of their system they where using , a meridian system mixed with a western muscle testing system used in therapy. This program was developed for the entire body but they specifically target it for an analysis of the organs health. This was cool but I had multiple therapy systems teach me how to improve the state of an organ.

The Eastern Meridian System

You could massage it, treat the reflex arc using counter strain, most of these would instantly reduce pain the local viscera (organ) was projecting….

Then I read “The Human Machine” a book his Naturopath mentor wrote about the Biochemistry of the body, organs and the food we ingest ( yes, I read the whole book in the time we where hanging out because it’s not yet released and I might never get my hands on it again until a few years). The more I read the more I realized that you couldn’t just “treat” the organs or “eat clean” to stop the problem. The chemical base and environment of the organs is so altered from eating poorly and being in a weakened state that the healthy things you feed your body actually don’t process like they’re supposed to.

The system they used focused on changing the environment of the body from a chemical stand point for many reasons but here are the top three.

1. To restore energy to the current overstrained organs

2. To make all current digestion easier as not to strain the organs

3. To allow the organs to heal back so they can actually do the full job we think they’re doing in the text books
Instead of treatment or exercise the dietary suggestions they made based on the damage to the organs and accomplishing all three above goals.

I had never thought about making dietary suggestions based off of individual organ health through a muscle testing assessment, because my head was so full of making nutrition suggestions based off the things I learned at the start of the first five years of training. Let’s get these calories in, let’s make sure we have the right balance of carbs instead of thinking..let’s make sure the organs are actually working right before blanketing food on them and expecting them to digest things.

A doctor told me nine in ten people have this problem, but most doctors don’t think it’s a serious problem. If you’re diaphragm is weak and your stomach in the wrong place being pinched off…how is this not a serious digestion problem?

During my few days with those therapists I watched an evaluation done, had some evaluation done on myself, asked a lot of questions and I’m implementing their suggestions and will be reassessed to see the difference. If this is something that I find works well for me I’ll be of course using it with my personal training clients after I test it out.

If eating clean and some results but not what you where expecting and you tried everything else maybe the answer is the biochemistry of your body isn’t balanced or structure. If your body can’t break down the food even clean eating is going to have disappointing results.



PS- If you’re wondering what one of the biggest culprits in the body is, the kidney causes neck and back pain, I stopped drinking caffeine completely for one week so far (caffeine is one of my favorite things in life, I almost live to drink it) and the therapy points that are always tender on me that need to be treated are almost completely gone along with my right sciatic issues. If the kidneys are not balanced nothing in the body will be right.

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