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What’s it mean to BeFit?

By Tacoma Personal Trainer Isaac Ho

Tacoma Personal Trainer Isaac

Tacoma Personal Trainer Isaac Breaks Down The BeFit Life

Fit- is defined as in a physical sense to be the proper size and shape and in a non physical sense to be appropriate to.

The BeFitLife is partly physical. BeFitters strive to have the kind of body we aim for and look the way we want but no one can say this is the perfect body shape or this is what you should look like. Every BeFitter looks and thinks differently.

Just like anything it all depends on what you want in life and where you’re at but no one should ever tell you that you can’t be better.

We all have different goals and different reasons and they may change. Satisfaction with where you are and what you’re working towards makes a happy BeFitter.

On a non physical level we want our lives to fit us like the right song fits our mood. It makes everything better from working out, to driving, to traveling, to reading, and even making love.

The right song fits us and enhances everything we do.

Everything in life has to fit and work with us. We don’t want the music to dictate what we do. We want to find the perfect song to help us focus on what we’re doing.

On a non physical level we are looking for a way to live life and have it fit us and not the other way around.

Who is this blog for?

This blog is for anyone who wants to improve the way they look, feel and think.

IsaacBeFitLife.com is here to help you build a healthier and happier life in a way that “fits” you.

It’s for anyone who read the part above and found themself thinking

“I want a body that fits me and I want a life that like the perfect song fits my mood and helps me be better every second of the day”

It’s an honest blog, you’ll laugh (probably mostly at me), you may read a few posts that are a bit sentimental maybe even emotional, you’ll learn a lot about thinking effectively and getting that fitter body more effectively from the top fitness experts in the world and some of the top people who make their own rules in life.

Build a life of health and build friends that encourage you towards your goal.


Now What?

Head over to the “Free Swag” page and get some….well…..FREE SWAG! Don’t just take it though, make sure you apply it and learn how to start making your life better.

Sign up for the blog so you can stay up to date with what’s going on with the BeFitLife community.

Read the blog posts and comment so I can see what you’re thinking and what you’re liking and check out our BeFitters to see how BeFitLife is making a positive impact in the world.

If after a while the BeFitLife starts to mean something to you email me and we’ll get you set up to be featured as one of our BeFitters and you can share your story.

If you want a bit more out of the site check out the BeFit VIP membership section which houses my entire exercise library and tons of video and insider access stuff that I usually save for my own personal training clients that invest hundreds of dollars a month to get to the next level.

If you’re in the Tacoma, Washington. area come visit me and watch me in action at my gym BeFit Tacoma.


Who’s Isaac? A Crash Course History In Tacoma Personal Trainer Isaac’s Life

1989-2003– I go from fat kid to skinny kid by working out like crazy over one summer and then get punked on in high school because I’m a weak skinny kid. I never play any sports and learn Piano and Classical Guitar instead of going to Basketball practice. I go to a interview only public art high school and take a little ballet. The teacher has some personal issues and punishes the class by having us sit in the splits on each leg for 30 minutes. I quickly swap it out for Israeli hand to hand tactics and begin my journey towards being a badass.

2004-2005– I go to community college and study Network administration and computers because my parents tell me I should. I have no idea what’s going on and hate computers but live with it because I start taking up Thai boxing and who needs school right?

2006– I want to compete in Thai Boxing but I have no strength so I start studying to be a personal trainer to learn the secrets. I intern at a Physical Therapy Gym and with an in home trainer. I study and pass my test and become a Nationally Accredited Tacoma Personal Trainer all while going to local college and passing with a super high 2.0 GPA.

2007– I have my first real international exposure and go to Taiwan Language camp for four weeks. I get kicked out. I get a job as a Health and Wellness Coach at the YMCA. I start writing poetry and keep kickboxing like a boss.

2008– I work at my first corporate gym job as a trainer and find out fast it sucks. I spend more money traveling to the gym in a different city and on bridge tolls than I actually make training but stick with it because being a trainer is my dream. I get “Most promising trainer award at PT fundamentals”. Because of the times clients need me to train them I have to stop training Thai Boxing at my kickboxing gym.

2009– I spend ridiculous amounts of money going to training seminars and buying books and DVD’s to educate myself training clients with the dream of opening my own training gym one day. I drop out of school for a quarter to go to Switzerland and Paris for a month.

2010– I’m promoted to the “head trainer” at a local commercial gym ( it was a little hard for the other trainers to swallow because I was the youngest person working there). I went to two local colleges at one time while working driving an hour each way to intern and learn from a coach who trains Olympic swimmers and get to go to California and watch the Olympic swimmers train (the same team Michael Phelps trains with). I meet Luka Hocevar and learn a lot about life, training and mindset. Driving two hours a day to hang out with those guys almost kills me and I discover my passion for energy drinks.

2011– I open my gym, BeFit Tacoma, and start changing the way training is done and traveling around the world to meet the people I’ve admired for years. I put on 25 lbs of muscle. I learn more about Physical Therapy and Massage. I meet Martin Rooney and learn what a compass in life is. I come up with what BeFit means to me. I have the great opportunity to personally travel and learn from Mike Robertson, Nick Tumminello, Chad Waterbury, Rick Kaselj, Dr. Mcgill and Dr. Liebenson to name a few.

Bringing, Education, Fitness and Intensity Together.

Click Here to Listen to Tacoma Personal Trainer Isaac Ho’s Radio Interview On The World’s Fitness Elite TV Show

Currently- I live my life dream with my own training facility, traveling to learn from the best in the world and bringing it back to be the best Tacoma Personal Trainer and writing about training and pursuing your dream.

I live by my own set of rules.

Tacoma Personal Trainer

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