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Tacoma Personal Trainer- Three Training For Warrior Secrets

It seems like Summer just flew by! I know we had a tons of great new excited BeFit Tacoma family members start at the gym this Summer and we also had a lot of members who took some vacation time off, got into the gym maybe once or twice a week and let things like […]

Ask The Over 100 Dollar A Session Tacoma Personal Trainer About Pain And Training

It’s your friendly Tacoma Personal Trainer and I hope you’re having a beautiful week! I love Thursdays as I start the day a bit later and can sleep a little more, write a little more, eat a little more, and love a little more. I’m sure you get the idea. I woke up and jumped […]

Tacoma Personal Trainer Breaks Down How To Be Sexy

Most people start a personal training program for a much more obvious reason than “they know it’s good for them”. It revolves around “looking good naked” or ” sex appeal”. And though you might think this is an obvious reasons few trainers seem to address an important problem with that idea. There are tons of […]

Ask The Over 100 Dollar A Session Tacoma Personal Trainer About Soreness

The Tacoma Personal Trainer Breaks Down Soreness Hey there! It’s your friendly Tacoma personal trainer about to knock out a nice full day but wanted to answer this question one of my clients had for me about training at BeFit Tacoma Boot Camp regarding muscle soreness and recovery. BeFit Tacoma Boot camp is pretty intense. […]

Tacoma Personal Trainer- The Life Truth

Tacoma Personal Trainer goes beast mode on adversity It’s your friendly Tacoma personal trainer taking a relaxing Sunday to share some thoughts with you. Here’s the truth. Good things can’t happen to you all the time, if they did when adversity comes you wouldn’t know how to handle it. If there’s one thing I’m used […]

Tacoma Personal Trainer Secret to Success

Tacoma Personal Trainer Isaac Shares The Secret to Success  As a Tacoma personal trainer on my journey towards being one of the the best trainers in the world it’s been a work in progress. I started when I was 17 years old and it’s been quite the journey. I was telling one of my personal […]

Tacoma Personal Trainer My Number One Mistake

Tacoma Personal Trainer You Lack Motivation! Hi! It’s your friendly Tacoma Personal Trainer and I wanted to talk about something that’s been on my mind for a while now; something  more important than talking about techniques or science. The topic is motivation. What’s the difference between motivation and inspiration? Inspiration lasts a second — Motivation lasts […]

Ask the Over 100 Dollar a Session Tacoma Personal Trainer!

Tacoma Personal Trainer Answers Your Questions As the go-to Tacoma personal training expert, every week I receive questions from clients, people who read about me online, and other sources regarding fitness. Occasionally a friend from Paris or New York will send me a Facebook message and ask me a nutrition or training question. I am […]

Tacoma Boot Camp Safe Lower Backs

Tacoma Boot Camp- Why We Deadlift I do my own lifting after I run BeFit Tacoma Boot camps. Here’s one of my best pulls. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZGUcEZHHAw[/youtube] When I created BeFit Tacoma boot camp I knew that I had several goals in mind – create a Tacoma personal training system that avoided the pitfalls of traditional personal […]

Tacoma Personal Trainer Shares Five Ways To Live More

Tacoma Personal Trainer Says Today Is A Gift! As a veteran Tacoma personal trainer I’m a future minded kind of guy. I know what I want and  I’m not afraid of working hard to get it. The problem is sometimes I don’t stop for a second and think about where I am and what I […]

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