“I feel like a complete failure. I knew I couldn’t lose weight on my own. But budget is tight. Good news is that my house should close by aug 1st and then I’ll have some money freed up. Can you help me? I’m at 230 and hating it. I know all the awesome things you’ve taught me, but it’s hard to do alone. Harder than when I came to bootcamp. I know you knew I’d need to come back. I just feel lame to show you myself if I’m not smaller first. Lol. I just did about 20 min of some exercises you taught me. Push-ups, band tears, squats, planks, band overhead press, split lunges. Got my blood going that’s for sure. Any suggestions for me until I can pay to come back?”


This question isn’t unique to this client, it just seems unique to her.

So often we find ourselves running in circles, day after day, year after year with nothing to show for it the stories are all of course different, because they’re YOUR story but the bottom line is the same. You found something to stop you and now you’re reaching for help.

I was out to lunch with a client yesterday, Applebees (because we’re grand like that…the steak is small there…just a note regarding that and a moment of silence for the small steak) and I told her the number one thing I seek to do with my life is to inspire excellence and a dream in the people I meet. Whether it’s in physical fitness, business, therapy or finding strength in yourself. Today I want to inspire YOU.

Applebees, home of the small steak

See you can do it, without me, without any Tacoma personal trainer. If we gave you the best trainer in the world (believe me I like to think I’m one of them) they wouldn’t be able to help you if you don’t understand what I told this client below.


It took me a while to respond back because at first I wanted to type kind of what I always type when clients ask me for help. Come on back and let’s figure something out! Here’s a workout program or here’s some nutrition things to try.
But I realized nothing will help you there because this isn’t a one time thing in your life it is a PATTERN. In therapy when you’re hurting your body goes into a pattern, it closes up and you can’t move or something hurts no matter how much you want to move your ankle if it’s injured it won’t move, your body knows it’s stupid to try so stops you from hurting yourself.
We get in patterns with our mind as well and they are stronger than our physical ones. Breaking a physical pattern is easy because someone else can do the work like what I do with manual work but breaking emotional and mental patterns is on you and the words that go into your head.
Tacoma Personal Trainer
1. You knew, that I knew I would need to come back.
I never thought about it, my goal is not for you to come back it’s for you to get results and find happiness in your life. But you believed that you would fail and projected it so hard on yourself that you pre set yourself up to fail. Your belief about fitness that you can’t do it yourself is stopping you.
The thought that you can’t do it your self. That is a belief, plenty of people do it themselves, in fact I almost work out better if it’s by myself because I just pump music and focus on my why and I focus on finding that place in me where I’m hungry for success and I don’t wait on anyone but me.
Change that saying if you want something done right… Then you gotta do it FOR YOURSELF!
2. I don’t have enough money.

Our gym started so poor we were in a storage space and did chin ups off a pipe rack that someone had previously used for drugs. My client took it from their yard when they were evicted. But I just believed that I was worth more than this.

This is a constant theme with you and trust me I was making nothing for months and had rent to pay for my training space but I never believed I was out of money only that I had opportunity.
You don’t need money to get in shape but when you place the belief that you need money to get in shape Healthy food will always be too expensive.  Gym memberships  will always be too expensive.
Working with the right person these always are too expensive.
Not enough….
Not enough…
Then you always NEVER have enough resources to be successful.
3. You have to challenge your beliefs.
Ask yourself…
When did you start believing that you couldn’t do it yourself?
That you were so weak?
So undisciplined?
So poor?
This isn’t the life that you wanted to have an extraordinary life- life on your terms– the life God wanted you to have.
This is someone else talking; a voice inside your head that tells you,  “I’m not good enough. I can’t do it…. I’m not enough I will never be loved.”
Silencing that voice with the strong voice of that strong person inside you that:Studied for tests and passed them that most people could never even have the courage to go to school to one day test for.

That pushed herself when she really wanted something until she could see nothing else.
That was disciplined and passionate to become a great drummer.
That built strong connections with inspiring people that became her best friend.
Where’s that person?
How does she act?
What does she talk like?
What would she do?
That’s the person you need to be, not this “I’m too poor, can’t do it alone, I’m a failure and I know it and everyone else around me knows it” belief that you’ve settled for.
If you tell a lie loud enough and enough times people believe it.
That’s what Hitler did and right now you are the Hitler of your own mind putting YOURSELF into a concentration camp of death where nothing good can happen.
Divorce yourself from the chains of your lies that limit you and marry the truth that will free you.
That you are wonderfully and powerfully made.
That you can do whatever you set your mind to.
That people have gotten in shape with less money, less knowledge, less resources than you.
That your internal state of mind is the only one you can control and from that state of power that you have you can achieve any outcome.
That you are a success and a blessing and the physical part of you will appear once you believe and love that with your every breathe and every action.
Believe these things and you will never be too poor again to exercise and eat right a day in your life. Be Blessed! Decide to be blessed and wonderful today or look at the picture above and realize that the beliefs you have curse you to that place you set for yourself.
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